[erlang-questions] [Erlang-Q]How to configure Nitrogen webserver with http port 80

Thomas Lindgren <>
Sun May 8 12:38:07 CEST 2011

>From: Loïc Hoguin <>
>To: Barco You <>
>Only root can open ports <= 1024. Problem is, it's not safe to run
>Erlang as root. There's two solutions to solve this:
>* Setup a reverse proxy in cherokee or nginx to your port 8000.
>* Use procket: https://github.com/msantos/procket
>Considering you are using Nitrogen you should take the first option,
>unless you're willing to patch Nitrogen.

Procket looks very interesting, anyone use it?

For more options, yaws has a longish discussion: http://yaws.hyber.org/privbind.yaws

By the way, to provide some concrete data, we go with the reverse proxy approach (haproxy in our case). In a real service, you will probably want something like that to manage load balancing and failover anyway.


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