[erlang-questions] spdy in mouchi web

Ulf Wiger <>
Sat May 7 13:17:35 CEST 2011


As SPDY sits on top of SSL, one might also note that Erlang's (new) SSL implementation is unusually scalable - not everyone who wants to run a web server will be happy to put an SSL offload accelerator in front of it…

But reading further, the current version of SPDY uses TCP instead.

Some of the concepts remind me of an experiment I made called VCC (http://svn.ulf.wiger.net/vcc/trunk/vcc), which also implemented "streams" on top of VCC (although I called them "virtual channels", corrupted by years of work in ATM networking design). I incorporated Erlang notions like monitoring channels, and also "spawning" temporary channels based on a "template", and close-on-reply (which SPDY also has a version of). 

But the main reason for my experiment was to support version negotiation between peer nodes, together with side-effect-free version transformers, in order to handle redundancy upgrades in large Erlang systems.

Perhaps the SPDY ideas of uni-directional streams and re-prioritization of streams could hold some promise also for erlang-to-erlang communication? Currently, Distributed Erlang has no means of prioritizing things like net_kernel ping messages...

Ulf W

On 7 May 2011, at 12:09, James Churchman wrote:

> So my question is ( might be quid a huge ask), is, does anybody plan to add this to mouciweb ( and therefore webmachine ) 

Ulf Wiger, CTO, Erlang Solutions, Ltd.

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