[ANNOUNCE] Misultin v0.7-dev

Roberto Ostinelli <>
Mon Mar 21 18:19:21 CET 2011

dear list,

misultin v0.7-dev is currently under review prior being pushed as v0.7.

changelog is:

- added max_connections options parameter, which specifies maximum
concurrent open connections accepted by the server
- added post_max_size options parameter, which sets the maximum size of POST
- added get_url_max_size options parameter, which sets the maximum length of
- added CHUNKED support, both for incoming requests and outgoing responses
[thanks to yrashk suggestion]
- added trapping of client closing a browser in Comet applications [thanks
to yrashk]
- added SSL support for websockets [enhancement track #25, thanks to
- added Comet Long Polling example
- added Comet iFrame example
- added the killing of alive processes on server shutdown
- the GET uri parameters are now also available on POST requests
- additional minor adjustments

any inputs warmly welcome.




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