no next heap size found -2026904952, offset 0

Ryan Zezeski <>
Mon Mar 21 19:50:22 CET 2011

Hi everyone,

I've seen this slogan a few times recently in production.  Looking at the
crash dump I see the error_logger is Garbing (yes, I know about the memory
problem with error_logger, I wrote my own handlers but I still must have
missed an edge case) and it lists 1359377465 of stack+heap.  This is on a
64-bit build of Erlang.

I took a peek at erl_gc, copied the impl over to a standalone file, and
reproduced the issue but it doesn't make any sense because it's as if my
beam binary was built as 32-bit.  That is, when I manually set
MAX_HEAP_SIZES to 55 (32-bit) I can replicate the error but with 154
(64-bit) it's fine.  I can also replicate the error by setting Sint as an
int.  I checked the source build that was bundled with my release and I see
SIZEOF_VOID_P and SIZEOF_LONG set to 8.  I also verified

If there something else I should check?


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