[erlang-questions] Re: Shell is terminated (and then restarts) mysteriously

Taylor Venable <>
Fri Jan 21 22:54:12 CET 2011

On Fri, Jan 21, 2011 at 12:52, Dan Gudmundsson <> wrote:
> So what probably happens is that the shell process have a reference to
> the code, it will be killed
> when the module unloads.

I've seen that cited a couple times in reference to this error message
(for the few results I could find through Google). What kinds of
things could those "references" into the module be? I'm not leaving
any files opened, I don't leave any processes spawned, my code is
pretty simple sequential stuff (or at least as far as I understand).
It doesn't happen consistently, just occasionally, but often enough to
be annoying; it ended up happening 8 times last night over the course
of about 3 hours. If it's a problem with my code... well, maybe I'm
just not familiar enough with Erlang but I would think that a problem
in my code would manifest itself more regularly.

Or maybe I'm not really understanding the purpose of the shell. I've
been treating it like a REPL where I can compile, reload, and test
many times over in quick succession. Is the shell maybe better suited
to interacting with existing running code rather than as a testing

Thanks for any explanation.

Taylor C. Venable

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