[erlang-questions] Erlang / C# The Best Interface

Gilberio Carmenates García <>
Wed Jan 19 01:42:48 CET 2011

Hi, yes I already thought that but the problem is when you tend to make a
request like this, imagine this three clauses in the receive statement in


{insert_person, Name, Age}->













So for the first case you should do Request(new object[] {
“’insert_person’”, “Ivan”, “26”});   %% new object[]  means new tuple  { }

So if you use Request(params object[])   -> Request(“’insert_person’”,
“Ivan”, “26”) to make a tuple then how you send the simple ‘logoff’ atom?

Like Request(“ ’logoff’ ”);


So if you want to send {i_like_to_be_here}   ---->   Request(new object[] {
“ ‘i_like_to_be_here’ ” });


How could I specify if I want to send a simple atom or a tuple with a simple
atom inside using the same form

Request(“ ‘i_like_to_be_here’ “);


Other cool way could be, example:

string Name = “Ivan”;

Request(“ {‘insert_person’, Name} ”); but hum
 seems to me I need to use a
lot of ‘Reflections’ perhaps using F#.


Using F# that would be nice to rebuild the component!! Using close pattern
matching like Erlang in F# and Erlang expressions. 

That could be really fun!!!.









De: Tim Watson [mailto:] 
Enviado el: Martes, 18 de Enero de 2011 15:59
Para: Gilberio Carmenates García
Asunto: Re: [erlang-questions] Erlang / C# The Best Interface


Pretty cool. I like the dynamic feel of `erlangServerRequest1.Request(new
object[] {“’insert_person’”, “Ivan”, 26, “Male”});` but couldn't you define
the `Request` method using a param-array (i.e., Request(params object[]
args) { ... }) so as to avoid the noisy object array instantiation at the
call site? 


Silly me nit-picking though. Looks like a nice API - I'll have a play
integrating Erlang with F# this weekend. :) 

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