[erlang-questions] Erlang / C# The Best Interface

Tim Watson <>
Wed Jan 19 12:35:30 CET 2011

> So for the first case you should do Request(new object[] {
> “’insert_person’”, “Ivan”, “26”});   %% new object[]  means new tuple  { }
> So if you use Request(params object[])   -> Request(“’insert_person’”,
> “Ivan”, “26”) to make a tuple then how you send the simple ‘logoff’ atom?

How about this:

Request(params ErlangObject Input) {
  // do the rpc

static ErlangTuple Tuple(this Object self, params object[] argv) {
    return new ErlangTuple(argv);

static ErlangAtom Atom(this Object self, string s) {
    return new ErlangAtom(s);

// etc

And then you could write the call site like so (accounting for the
fancy pants static import-alike in .NET):

var result = req.Request(Atom("i_like_foo"));
// or
var result = req.Request(Tuple(Atom("insert_person"), "Ivan", 26));

// or
var result = req.Request(Tuple(Atom("insert_person"), List("Ivan", 26)));

Where strings and numbers and other .NET value types are handled
automatically but tuples, lists and atoms take a constructor and are a
wrapper type.

Just a thought!



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