feedbacks from Erlang shows its slow face message

Gilberio Carmenates García co7eb@REDACTED
Sun Nov 14 21:58:22 CET 2010

  Hi all, first of all, thanks to all for your feedbacks, I really 
impressed since I knew what Erlang can do, so I know that Erlang isn't 
the best choice for maths calculations and those stuffs. I knew that 
using Erlang and spawing multiple process I can optimeze it, It's just 
that I did not knew how to do it for that case, I am not so good in 
algotims so, what I really wanted was to comprovate that Erlang, even in 
that!, making maths calculations, is so good than C# with all its 
supermacy of be a good and fast language that runs on "VM"!!!. (less in 
threads, threads sucks) of course that Erlang processes are the best!!!, 
well almost the best, Mozart/Oz languaje hum.. it is good spawning 
process too.

So, now I have to take a time to analize all your feedbacks to learn more.

Thanks again.



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