fastcgi backend of http servers

Roberto Ostinelli roberto@REDACTED
Sun Nov 14 18:56:19 CET 2010

dear list,

i was going through some thoughts today regarding http and fastcgi
with language interpreters in the backend. for instance, re php it is
quite common to use a combination of nginx & a fastcgi process manager
[such as php-fpm] to achieve interesting results in terms of speed and

i was wandering if any solid attempt has been done so far to see
whether an http server in erlang providing fastcgi bridges to a
fastcgi process manager could be something worthy to pursue, or if
nginx's C-way of dealing things simply is unbeatable afa speed, CPU,
RAM usage, and concurrent open tcp connections are concerned.

i am completely aware that the benefits of having such a server in
erlang would mean being able to integrate it into an OTP application,
with all the resulting benefits, but i'm more interested in evaluating
this effort in terms of performances [for instance, number of
concurrent open connections].

..any inputs/thoughts on this?



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