[erlang-questions] Is Erlyweb working with Yaws 1.8.1? and other framework questions

Andrew buricchio@REDACTED
Sat May 23 17:39:51 CEST 2009

I don't know, what are you doing, but I have installed latest yaws and
had no problem with Erlyweb. I never tried music example of Yariv
but just tried to reproduce your steps (as it seems).
This is my 5 min. test.

I have created application, in erlang emulator:
1 > erlyweb:create_app("music", "./").

Next I have compiled it.

2 > erlyweb:compile("./music").

Then I have created log directory ./log .
Next I have created config file music.conf and startup script for yaws. 
The content of
music.conf config file is:
  logdir = ./log
  ebin_dir = ./music/ebin
  include_dir = /home/andrew/yaws/include
  <server localhost>
    port = 8001
    listen =
    docroot = ./music/www
    appmods = <"/music/", erlyweb>
      appname = music
The content of sturtup start.sh yaws script is:
  yaws -i -c music.conf -pa ./music/ebin
Next I have started ./start.sh
Next I navigate my browser to localhost:8001/music/ - all is ok.
Note you have to navigate namely to music/ not music without slash. 
This  is because of simplicity of default code of your app_contorller 
(you have add code by yourself).
Browser shpwes standard erlyweb greating : "Welcome to 'music', your new 
ErlyWeb app. Let the Erlang hacking begin! "
That's all.
What have you expected?


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