[erlang-questions] analysis of my architecture

Gamoto <>
Tue May 19 17:02:22 CEST 2009

Hi all,
Newbie with Erlang I don't master (yet) this language.
Because of this, I would like to submit you an architecture and I hope to receive a feedback from you.
What I want to do: A multi-server multi-protocol application

- At each server (server_A, server_B,...) is associated one port and one applicative protocol.
- On each server could be connected several clients using the applicative protocol.
- After analysis (syntax, semantic) of the messages sent by the client, one row will be inserted into
the mySQL database.
- Each module, servers, process can write a message into a log (alert, warning, etc.).
- Each one can run on a different machine.
- The database will be redundant.
- the application will run 24x24 7x7.
- application_sup (ofo)
--mySQL interface
--servers_sup (ofo)
----tcp_clients_sup (sofo)
Does my architecture coherent with the OTP model ?
Could my architecture be better ? how ?  note that only the messages decode is different from one server to another.    
How to add one "server branch" without stopping the application ? 

 J-Ph. Constantin


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