[erlang-questions] erlang-gttext only looking for ?TXT macros?

Dmitrii Dimandt <>
Mon May 11 21:27:21 CEST 2009

This is a very strange behavior I've observed in gettext.

 From the tutorial:
In order to create the initial PO file, run the Makefile in the  
directory, that the directories that should be processed, i.e where  
there are code containing ?TXT macros.

And that's all gettext processes — ?TXT macros. Does it mean that I  
have to only use ?TXT macros and then go through the code and change  
them to ?TXT2, ?FTXT etc manually?

Is there a way to make erlang_gettext process these macros as well?

BTW. To all those working with erlang_gettext source code. Put this  
line before to_list functions in gettext_compile module:

to_list({Module, _Parameters}) -> atom_to_list(Module);

This will handle parametrised modules declared as
-module(some_module, [Param])

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