[erlang-questions] erlang-questions Digest, Vol 24, Issue 15

Johnny Billquist bqt@REDACTED
Tue May 5 13:48:26 CEST 2009

Alpár Jüttner wrote:
>>> when Erlang is a clearly OO language.  The "This isn't the right place" 
>>> argument doesn't work on this list even when it's correct.  Don't shoot 
>>> other people's questions down like this.
>> Sorry, but the original answer was absolutely correct.
> I wouldn't say that.
> You posted an longish and angry discussion how these tasks can be done
> using control sequences. That is good (and indeed not really on-topic
> here).
> But you remained silent about the obvious question of how to send these
> control sequences to the terminal. It fits perfectly the topic of this
> list. Could you tell us the answer for this, too?

Unfortunately I don't have a solution for getting Erlang to not 
translate control characters to visual representations of them. :-(

I wasn't even thinking about that Erlang might do that, and only 
realized it when someone else pointed it out.
That is definitely a question for this list. Unfortunately, from what 
I've seen from other posters, there is no way around this. :-(

The only characters not intercepted and replaced are ^I to ^M, of the 
control characters. ^I is tab, ^J is linefeed. ^K is vertical tab while 
^L is formfeed. ^M finally is carriage return.
Why these are allowed to pass I don't know. I have no idea what ground 
they used for deciding which characters to pass through, and which to 

I agree with the posted (was that you) who thought that this was less 
than ideal. There should be a way of getting Erlang to not interfere 
with what you output.


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