[ANN] medici - Tokyo Tyrant interface

Jim McCoy <>
Mon Jun 22 19:13:40 CEST 2009

I have written a small interface library for Tokyo Tyrant [1] that
provides easy access to this fast database system.  The library has
support for all of the tokyo cabinet database types (including
tables), all of the various tokyo tyrant functions, it can be used as
a native erlang term storage system, and the app can also start and
manage the tyrant server as a port.

The library contains two main parts, principe is a simple
encoder/decoder for the Tyrant protocol that requires you to maintain
and/or re-establish connections to the tyrant server yourself while
medici is a collection of OTP bits that maintains the connection to
the remote database, handles connection pooling, and maintains itself
as a standard erlang app.

You can grab a copy at git://github.com/mccoy/medici.git and have at
it.  I still need to finish the test suite and prune the docs a bit,
but it does most of what I need at the moment and I figured it was
time to share...


[1] Tyrant is the network interface for the Tokyo Cabinet key-value
database library.  If you want a more direct interface to Tokyo
Cabinet then I would suggest looking at the tcerl linked-in driver.

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