mats cronqvist <>
Thu Jun 4 18:06:41 CEST 2009

Robert Dionne <> writes:

> Are there any Distel users out here?


> If so have you used the "who calls" functionality successfully? 


> I'm working off a GitHub version of Distel [1] using Aquamacs on OS X
> 10.4 with Erlang R13B Everything else works fine, debugger. Meta-.,
> etc.. I wasn't even aware "who calls" was supported as it's not in the
> info file.

  you mean the texi file? a few years of out of date... the README file
  is more updated.

> Any pointers, clues, great appreciated.

  there is a "*trace *" buffer.

  should contain something like;

 >> REG_SEND: [TYPE erl-pid  4 0 0] rex [[TYPE
    erl-pid  4 0 0] [call distel rpc_entry (distel
    who_calls (mod fun 1)) [TYPE erl-pid  1 0 0]]]

 << SEND: [TYPE erl-pid  4 0 0] 
    [rex (["x" "y" 4 61] ["a" "b" 4 62])]

  you can also try running  distel:who_calls(M,F,A) in the erl shell.


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