cocoa bridge?

Joe Armstrong <>
Tue Jun 2 10:16:08 CEST 2009

Hi everybody.

I am contemplating writing some kind of cocoa thingy and would
like to come into contact with some like minded people who
are familiar with the mac cocoa stuff.

I've been playing with xcode and now want to do
all the things I can do in xcode only programmatically.

So far I can create windows, add buttons etc programmatically
in objective C using the foundation classes.

I now need to make a networking top-loop so I can read and
write sockets and talk to erlang, and I need a way to programmatically
send messages to cocoa objects.

Are there any mac experts out there to whom I can send my
silly questions - or where are the best forums to ask silly questions?

This things I'm interest in are:

     - programmatic control of foundation classes , cocoa etc.
     - introspection  primitives
      - socket interfacing (in particular how to interface socket
events with the cocoa window top-loop)
      - nib decompilation  and loading <aside> nibtool -a dumps what
looks to be a declarative description
        of a widget tree, it looks possible to write a program nib2erl
that parses nibtool output into
        erlang terms, sends these terms down a socket and at the
receiving end calls the foundation classes
        to make an object)</aside>

Has anybody done anything like this before?

I'm after objective C knowledge rather than Erlang knowledge.



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