[erlang-questions] Shell doesn't seem to recognize code changes.

Ryan Lepidi ryeguy1@REDACTED
Wed Jan 7 11:29:26 CET 2009


I am new to Erlang so this is probably some stupid oversight. Basically, I
have a module that is an implementation of gen_server. I start the server in
the shell, execute some function, then terminate it. My problem is that if I
change a function in the module, recompile it, and then execute it in the
shell again (without closing the shell inbetween the compile), the OLD
version of the function still remains - the only way to get my new
functionality is to restart the shell. I make sure to terminate the server
before starting it up again to test the modified function, and I have
verified it is indeed stopping with processes().

Am I doing something wrong?
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