[erlang-questions] Using Dialyzer on Ubuntu 9.10?

Elliot Murphy <>
Tue Dec 22 04:53:11 CET 2009

On Sun, Dec 20, 2009 at 11:12 AM, Jeremy Raymond <> wrote:
> I've installed the Erlang packages with the erlang-dev ppa and the dialyzer
> is happy. I'd love to see the newer Erlang releases available also as you
> suggest in the bug comments. Is this much work to do?

A bit of work, but worth it I think, especially since all the work
Sergei is doing in debian can be reused.

In the last day or two Sergei uploaded r13b3 to debian. Tonight i
merged that to Ubuntu Lucid, and asked for a review (since I'm not an
Ubuntu developer I can propose changes but they have to be reviewed
and uploaded by an Ubuntu core dev).

I also built r13b3 for Karmic (9.10), and it's testbuilding in my
personal PPA now:
If that works ok it can be copied to the erlang-dev PPA I showed you earlier.

> Also where would one locate the general information about the Ubuntu Erlang
> packages? I'd be great if the info on adding the Erlang dev ppa were
> available wherever the normal documentation is for this. Had these ppa been
> available earlier where would I have looked to know of it's existence? Where
> can I get info on updates?

Thats a good question. I just created https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Erlang
with some basic info on it, you are welcome to extend this page as you
see fit.

> Thanks a lot. Your quick responses and support on this are much appreciated!

I'm happy to help. None of us working on Ubuntu have time to do
everything we want to do, so it's always nice to be able to fix
something quickly and help make things better. Since so much cool
software is being written in Erlang now, we definitely need more
people to learn how to package Erlang software for both Debian and
Ubuntu - if anyone wants to get involved, it would be most welcome.


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