[erlang-questions] Reia, or On The Evils Of Tabs And Indentation Sensitivity

Ulf Wiger <>
Tue Sep 30 13:38:42 CEST 2008

2008/9/30 Tony Arcieri <>:
> http://ulf.wiger.net/weblog/2008/03/19/indentation-sensitive-erlang/

He he, just as long as people don't start referring to me as the guy
who's crusading to make Erlang indentation-sensitive. (:

There are three articles, btw:


and it was just an experiment, trying to see whether

- I could get it to work with only minor extensions to the yecc grammar
- it was possible to support all sensible use of delimiters even in
  indentation-sensitive mode.

The answer to both questions was "close, but no cigar", I guess.
The known quirks can be seen in the example of the 3rd version.

I wouldn't use it myself, at least not in its current state,
but it was a fun experiment, for a while.

Ulf W

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