[erlang-questions] The Erlang Rationale

Robert Virding <>
Tue Sep 30 00:02:48 CEST 2008

I have just released a document called the Erlang Rationale.

The Rationale is an attempt to explain why things look like they do in
Erlang and our thinking behind many of the properties and features of the
language. There is also some descriptions of part of the system which today
seem to lack description, for example the i/o system and groups. The
Rationale mainly deals with the core parts of the language and the older
parts of the libraries and not OTP.

It is to be considered to be work-in-progress and I will add to it when I
find the time and get the urge. Please come with comments and suggestions on
what is there and what you feel should be there.

Sorry for it being in Word format but this is the best I can do for a simple
editor which allows making diagrams and runs on Windows.

It can be found on trapexit.org user contributions:


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