[erlang-questions] Reia, or On The Evils Of Tabs And Indentation Sensitivity

Tony Arcieri <>
Tue Sep 30 00:31:45 CEST 2008

On Mon, Sep 29, 2008 at 2:39 PM, Mariano Guerra <
> wrote:

> The recomendation on python is to use only spaces and configure the
> tabs to use 4 spaces.
>  In fact there is an option on the interpreter to warn you about mix
> of spaces and tabs.
>  Once you configure your text editor and follow the recomendations,
> you forget about it.

Hi, I created Reia.

I intend to pursue a bit more draconian policy than Python regarding the
tabs/spaces issue.  Mixing tabs and spaces will produce an error (which will
point out "Hey, you switched from tabs to spaces on line N").  You have your
choice (on a file-by-file basis) of using tabs or spaces, but not both in
the same file.

That said right now hard tabs generate an error as the lexer doesn't
understand them.

> In fact, now I love python, and one of the reasons is because no
> begin/end {/} stuff is needed

The analogue in Erlang is the elimination of the . , and ; markers.  eol (or
;) acts as a statement separator and clauses can be grouped by indentation

This is what Reia does to a certain extent.  There's also Indentation
Sensitive Erlang:


Tony Arcieri
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