[erlang-questions] First Erlang experiences- not so good

Dave Smith <>
Thu Sep 25 20:57:08 CEST 2008

The Erlang source code files are assumed to be Latin-1 (ISO-8859-1).  This
is well documented. The problem, as explained by Toby, is that the
*editor*you are using is writing the file in  UTF-16(probably) .  So
you either need
to use another editor or configure the one you have to write Latin-1.

This is also *not* a problem with the Windows version of Erlang; you would
get the same result if you compiled your UTF-16 source on linux, etc.

It is very unusual to store source code for any programming language in
UTF-16.  What editor are you using?


2008/9/25 Tony Cappellini <>

> I get the same compile errors when I typed in the code and saved it.
> The author of that article downloaded the sources, compiled and ran
> them on his linux system, so it is not a download issue.
> If the Windows version of the Erlang shell is sensitive to encodings,
> it is a language related issue, not a download issue.
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