[erlang-questions] First Erlang experiences- not so good

Tony Cappellini <>
Thu Sep 25 22:15:25 CEST 2008

> is well documented. The problem, as explained by Toby, is that the editor
> you are using is writing the file in  UTF-16(probably) .
I did see his reply. I also had tried compiling the file I downloaded
without editing it, and had the same problem- or so I thought so.
It appears as though I did not overwrite the file i had edited by
hand, with the one I downloaded.

I've deleted thed edited file, and unzipped it from the downloaded zip file.

It now compiles.

> It is very unusual to store source code for any programming language in
> UTF-16.  What editor are you using?
I think when I typed in the example, I used Scintilla Text Editor,
which is just a very lightweight editor, that I use for quick edits.
For regular development I'll use Slick Edit, Wing IDE, or Codewrite

I use Scintilla Text Editor daily for python, Windows batch files,
C/C++ and have no problems.
This is the first language I've worked with that is sensitive to the
encodings used.

I'll see if i can make it defualt to whatever Erlang requires.


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