[erlang-questions] Simple question about nodes distribution

Alexander Lamb <>
Thu May 22 09:51:47 CEST 2008

Hello list,

Starting to experiment with multiple nodes (and Mnesia) and already  
stumbling on something:

If I start a node like this:

erl -mnesia -setcookie rodanotech -name 

then a second node like this:

erl -mnesia -setcookie rodanotech -name 

Why, when I ask for nodes() on either system, does it answer with an  
empty list.

I experimented further with mnesia. I have a schema on node alex. I  
start mnesia.
Then, on node alex2 I create a mnesia schema and start mnesia.
Then from the node where Mnesia is running with existing tables I try:


but it fails with: {aborted,{badarg,schema,disc_copies}}

so I try:


But it also fails this time with: {aborted, 

I must be getting something wrong initially...

Thanks for any hints,


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