[erlang-questions] NEWBIE: GUI tookit binaries for windows?

Ken Corey <>
Tue Apr 15 10:56:04 CEST 2008

Hi All,

I'm a long-time unix user running Windows on my boxes at home, 
interested in learning erlang.  I'm on XP, and recently downloaded R12B.

Erlang certainly seems a language worth a bit of study.  I was looking 
at the example for the bouncing ball between a linux and windows 95 
box.  Very intriguing, yet I can't seem to find binaries for either etk 
or erlgtk.  all the links to binaries seem to have dried up.

When I went to the erlgtk page on sourceforge, there's simply a tarball 
of the source files.  Building it under windows doesn't sound 
particularly fun to me.

Should I simply be playing with Erlang on a linux box via a virtual 
machine where I can build whatever is needed?

Can anyone point me at binaries of the widget libraries?



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