[erlang-questions] erlang distribution on SCTP?

Serge Aleynikov <>
Wed Apr 16 19:28:32 CEST 2008

AFAIK, replacing transport for Erlang distribution is an 
"all-or-nothing" option.  Unfortunately it's not possible to force 
connection to node A using one transport and the rest of the nodes using 
TCP.  This somewhat diminishes the value of this option.

Additionally, SCTP is a pretty rich protocol for delivering out-of-band 
data, whereas the alternative carrier protocol in Erlang's distribution 
is very simple, so it might be a challenge to take advantage of some 
useful features of SCTP (such as one-to-many connections) without 
extending the internal API...


Paul Fisher wrote:
> Has anyone attempted to recast erlang distribution to run over SCTP?  It
> seems that erlang distribution would benefit from many of the feature
> SCTP offers over TCP (multipathing/multihoming, multiple
> message-oriented streams, rich SACK, etc.)  Just a personal project i'm
> considering and am interested if anyone else has done work/research in
> this direction.

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