[erlang-questions] [Q]: Terminating supervisor and its workers

Ladislav Lenart <>
Wed Jul 25 17:48:10 CEST 2007

Lennart Öhman wrote:
> have you turned trap_exit to true in your worker?

No, I haven't. And frankly I don't want to. I am using
a standard piece of library functionality so why I have
to tweak my callback module to make it work? (I was
hoping that gen_server:start and gen_server:start_link
will make the difference.)

But if this is the Erlang way, I will do it.

Thanks for your prompt reply,

Ladislav Lenart

> A gen_server process does not automatically start trapping exits
> and will therefore of course respond immediately to an exit signal
> from its supervisor (an exit signal other than normal that is) unless
> trapping exits.
> Best Regards
> Lennart
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> Hello,
> I have a supervisor that has one worker child (a gen_server) which has an ODBC session to a database. When I terminate the supervisor by evaluating exit(Sup, shutdown), ODBC session terminates with error saying that its client (my worker) was terminated "abnormally".
> I thought that exit(Sup, shutdown) is the proper (normal) way how to gracefully terminate a supervision tree, meaning that gen_server terminate/2 callback function of my worker will be called...
> So my question is, how to terminate a supervision tree so that a worker has a chance to clean up after itself?
> Thanks,
> Ladislav Lenart
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