[erlang-questions] [Q]: Terminating supervisor and its workers

Samuel Rivas <>
Thu Jul 26 09:10:00 CEST 2007

Ladislav Lenart wrote:
> Lennart Öhman wrote:
> > have you turned trap_exit to true in your worker?
> No, I haven't. And frankly I don't want to. I am using
> a standard piece of library functionality so why I have
> to tweak my callback module to make it work? (I was
> hoping that gen_server:start and gen_server:start_link
> will make the difference.)
> But if this is the Erlang way, I will do it.

  If you do not trap exits, the process will die at the moment it receives the
'EXIT' signal. The OTP-way is putting a process_flag(trap_exit, true) in the
gen_server's init function and write your cleanup code in the gen_server's
terminate/2 function.


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