[erlang-questions] The meaning of OTP...

Niclas Eklund nick@REDACTED
Thu Jul 19 13:35:35 CEST 2007


If you search the documentation you find stuff like net_adm:ping/1 pong |
pang, the Event Trace (E.T.) function et:phone_home/5:


BTW, I noticed that on http://www.trapexit.org/ start page Telecom has
been replaced by Transaction. For example:

 "The Open Transaction Platform (OTP) is set of ..."

Isn't it a bit confusing if we use different explanations of what the
OTP acronym stands for?


On Thu, 19 Jul 2007, Anthony Kong wrote:

> What about "Oh, That's Powerful!" :-)
>  I think rebranding is usually a (meaningless) marketing exercise.
> Erlang excels by its technical merit and this alone has enough
> marketing power. OTP highlights where its heritage has come from and I
> think it is a good thing.
>  For example, if you have read Joe's book, he mentioned about how
> Mnesia get her name: "The original name was Amnesia. One of our bosses
> didn’t like the name. He said, “You can’t possibly call it
> Amnesia*you can’t have a database that forgets things!” So we
> dropped the A, and the name stuck."
> I cannot help laughing whenever i read this,
>  This is this kind of little stories make erlange what it is today, I
> reckon.  (+ other big technial/language design decision, of course)
> So, just keep OTP as it is, unless the same boss has something to say again 
>  (Actually I am too new to erlang to make comment as such, but that's
> just how I feel)
> Cheers, Anthony
> >>> "Mike Berrow" <mberrow1@REDACTED> 19/07/2007 7:03 am >>>
> How about 
> "Omnipotence Through Parallelism"
> -- Mike
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