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Thu Jul 19 01:42:54 CEST 2007

What about "Oh, That's Powerful!" :-)
I think rebranding is usually a (meaningless) marketing exercise. Erlang excels by its technical merit and this alone has enough marketing power. OTP highlights where its heritage has come from and I think it is a good thing. 
For example, if you have read Joe's book, he mentioned about how Mnesia get her name: "The original name was Amnesia. One of our bosses didn’t like the name. He said, “You can’t possibly call it Amnesia*you can’t have a database that forgets things!” So we dropped the A, and the name stuck." 
I cannot help laughing whenever i read this,
This is this kind of little stories make erlange what it is today, I reckon.  (+ other big technial/language design decision, of course) 
So, just keep OTP as it is, unless the same boss has something to say again 
(Actually I am too new to erlang to make comment as such, but that's just how I feel)
Cheers, Anthony

>>> "Mike Berrow" <mberrow1@REDACTED> 19/07/2007 7:03 am >>>
How about 
"Omnipotence Through Parallelism"

-- Mike

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