[erlang-questions] "Error spawning .\epmd -daemon (error 0)" on Windows

dean <>
Mon Jul 16 23:04:52 CEST 2007

I don't know what I did but in the process of trying to get distel going
on my Windows XP box I broke something.

When ever I run erl with a name argument to create a shared node I get the
error response "Error spawning .\epmd -daemon (error 0)" and the process

I can run erl without -name or -sname without problem but of course I need
the node behaviour :) Oh and currently running cean with erts-5.5.5. I've
 - killing a epmd processes and starting over
 - cold reboot
 - hand running epmd and running erl/werl (with and without -no_epmd)

I'm in the processing of setting up my box to compile cygwin to compile
erl.exe to add more debugging to the Windows executable (the use of errno
in "erlexec.c:919" is not enough it needs GetLastError() and
FormatMessage()) but since that's going to take a little while I though I
would parallelize and dispatch this message first.

So I guess my question is, is there a log, PID file, pipe, or something
that may have been lost to a dirty closed process? I've looked in the epmd
source and can't find anything that sticks out.

Thanks for the mental bandwith,
Dean Giberson

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