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Ahmed Ali <>
Tue Jul 17 09:37:37 CEST 2007

Hi all,

I'm new to Erlang and trying to learn. I have the following notes/questions:

1) I didn't find any reference to http_uri module in erlang refernse
documentation. I had to look into source code to understand what this module
does. I found it while looking at erlsom source code. Just wanted to
highlight this for the next release of the documentation :)

2) I'm trying to use yaws_soap_lib for calling some web service. when I call
yaws_soap_lib:initModel(Url), I get the following error:

 exited: {{badmatch,
                             "Unexpected attribute (not namespace
qualified): nillable"}},

I deleted all occurances of nillable="true" from the WSDL file and tried
again and still get the following error:

** exited: {{badmatch,
                          "http://util.java/xsd" ....

Also, I tried the test function is yaws_soap_lib:qtest() and it failed. Any
help/explenation is appreciated.

Best regards,

Ahmed Al-Issaei
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