[erlang-questions] Erlang bindings for FUSE

Daniel Goertzen goertzen@REDACTED
Wed Jan 31 23:45:53 CET 2007

Good thing I asked!  I would very much like to see what you've got.

I concur with your decision to drop the high level libfuse API. 


Mattias Wadman wrote:
> Daniel Goertzen wrote:
>> I am exploring the possibility of working on Erlang bindings for FUSE 
>> (http://fuse.sourceforge.net/) and before I get too far I'd like to 
>> ask if anyone knows of any work that may have already been done in 
>> this area.
> Im been experimenting with fuse binding for erlang for some time, have 
> done some progress but it goes quite slowly, its done on my free time.
> Current status is that i have a quite working port driver (running as 
> a separate process) for talking to the fuse kernel module, 
> decode/encode of the protocol, various help modules for dealing with 
> errnos (to map errno atoms to numbers) etc.
> Just starting to think about/write the equivalent of fuse_lowlevel.c 
> and fuse.c.
> My approach is to use libfuse only for mounting and get a open fd to 
> the fuse device and then do all communication directly from erlang. 
> The libfuse highlevel API (which most other bindings uses) is either 
> non-concurrent or uses posix threads for concurrency, which i think 
> would be bad.
> I have no public source repository yet, so just ask and i will send 
> you (or anyone else interested?) a snapshot.
> -Mattias

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