[erlang-questions] Emacs and Erlang

Ladislav Lenart <>
Thu Jan 25 16:05:03 CET 2007


Based on your replies to my question on "Eclipse/Erlide
autoindent problem" I have decided to use Emacs as my
Erlang IDE. I have two questions related to this...

When Erlang mode is activated, "Erlang" menu appears
and one of its submenus is "Man pages" context of which
is "Error! Why?". The info text informs me to setup
erlang-root-dir which I already did. Any ideas?

I have also installed ECB for better code navigation
and it works quite good except for one tiny little
detail. When a selected source file contains more
than a few functions, they are "grouped" in method
buffer. Is it possible to disable this grouping of
functions so that method buffer always shows a flat
list? I was trying to find it in ECB docs but did
not succeed.

Thank you,

Ladislav Lenart

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