[erlang-questions] Eclipse/Erlide autoindent problem

Ladislav Lenart lenartlad@REDACTED
Wed Jan 24 12:11:13 CET 2007


I have installed Eclipse with Erlide plugin recently.
It is almost what I need except when I type



   f(Condition) ->
     case Condition
       true ->
       false ->

next and all other lines after a case statement
are ill-indented (see the example above).

Is there a way how to fix this issue (maybe am I
just missing something?) or, alternatively, can
I completely disable autoindent feature?

I was looking in Preferences and in Erlide plugin
but didn't find anything related to this. But it
is fairly possible that I missed it because I am
not used to Eclipse at all.

Thank you,

Ladislav Lenart

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