[erlang-questions] subnet masking with binary matching

jm <>
Thu Jan 18 06:03:00 CET 2007

It's been pointed out to me that binary has to be a multiple of 8 
(thanks goes to Vance). So, the question now becomes is there an "erlang 
way" to do masking of IP addresses or should be done with a shift 
followed by an AND as I would do in C. Now I have an idea of why this 
broke I'll give it another go.

Other than the "application...of bit stream programming in erlang" is 
there any documentation on the binary matching? I seem to remember 
seeing some somewhere, but I've looked around the erlang doc and seem to 
have missed it.


jm wrote:
> Using binary matching to perform subnet masking with the following code, 
> which should work with both IPv4 and IPv6 as far as I can tell,
> mask_address(Addr, Maskbits) ->
>    B = list_to_binary(tuple_to_list(Addr)),
>    io:format("address as binary: ~p ~p~n", [B,Maskbits]),
>    <<Subnet:Maskbits, _Host>> = B,
>    Subnet.
> which errors with
> {badmatch,<<4 bytes>>}
> when called by
>    mask_address({192,168,1,128}, 25).
> yet works when called by
>    mask_address({192,168,1,0}, 24).
> Can anyone tell me how to fix this?
> Jeff.
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