[erlang-questions] starting and cleanly stopping erlang

Joe Armstrong <>
Tue Jan 16 11:53:53 CET 2007

I have written a linked-in driver - that appears to work. Let's assume it
is started with myLinkedInDriver:start() and stopped with

I want to do the following.

    - automatically start the linked-in driver when I start Erlang
    - automatically stop the linked in driver when I stop Erlang

I want to stop the linked in driver in a controlled manner. ie I want
*something* to call
myLinkedInDriver:stop() and allow me to close the thing down in an orderly

If my linked in driver is not correctly closed down then I'll have to do a
whole lot of work
the next time start the system.

What the minimal amount of junk I have to use to get this behaviour?

I think I need a minimum of an OTP application + a boot script + some
line arguments to erl to disable control C handling etc.

Does anybody know how do do this?

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