[erlang-questions] Edoc question - documenting multiple throws

Ladislav Lenart <>
Tue Jan 9 18:58:00 CET 2007


How can I document a function that can throw multiple exceptions using edoc?
I tried
   %% @doc Bla.
   %% @throws ex1
   %% @throws ex2
   %% @doc Bla.
   %% @throws ex1, ex2
but none of them works.

The edoc documentation states the following:


Specifies which types of terms may be thrown by the function, if its execution
terminates abruptly due to a call to erlang:throw(Term). The content is a type
expression (see Type specifications), and can be a union type.

Union type, according to Type specifiactions, seems to support "," as a valid


Ladislav Lenart

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