[erlang-questions] Help with 'make' module and the shell (devel loop issue)

Gunilla Arendt gunilla@REDACTED
Tue Jan 9 14:00:26 CET 2007

Jonathan Gold wrote:
 > Thanks for the suggestion. I had 'load' in Emakefile, but as you
 > pointed out, it may not (and indeed didn't work). Invoking it from the
 > shell as you have below seems to work.

The entries in Emakefile can be on the format {Module, Options} where
Options is a list of _compiler_ options. 'load' is not a compiler option
and is silently ignored. (Try calling compile:file(<module>, [load]) for

However, 'load' is a _make_ option. That is, calling make:all([load])
will compile modules according to the Emakefile as well as load them.

Gunilla, Erlang/OTP team

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