[erlang-questions] edoc problem in R11B-3

Bertil Karlsson bertil.karlsson@REDACTED
Thu Feb 8 09:07:38 CET 2007

So, if you want to patch this do the following:

< expand_content([H | T], Pos, Parents, Norm) when is_tuple(H) ->
 > expand_content([H | T], Pos, Parents, Norm) ->
<     [];
< expand_content(Content,Pos,Parents,Norm) ->
<     [expand_element(Content, Pos, Parents, Norm)].
 >     [].

The next patch/release of xmerl will be corrected.


Richard Carlsson wrote:
> Eric Merritt wrote:
>>  I am getting the following error when running edoc.
>>  edoc: error in layout 'edoc_layout':
>> {'EXIT',{badarg,[{erlang,binary_to_list,[{head,[[10],{title,[[77,111,100|...]]},[10],{link,[{rel,...},{...}|...],[]},[10]]}]},{xmerl_lib,export_text,2},{xmerl_lib,export_text,2},{xmerl,apply_cb,5},{xmerl,export_content,2},{xmerl,export_element,2},{xmerl,export_content,2},{xmerl,export1,3}]}}.
>> edoc: error in doclet 'edoc_doclet': {'EXIT',error}.
>> edoc seems to always output the above error. It doesn't seem to matter
>> what source its run on  or how edoc is called. Is anyone else having a
>> similar problem, if so, have you been able to work around it?
> The problem is that someone has broken the xmerl_lib:expand_content/4
> function, in some misguided attempt to make it accept non-lists as
> content, even though the documentation states that content must be flat
> lists, and there is even a comment in the code that explains why this
> must be so (hint: strings are also lists, and may be deep).
> Revert to the previous version of xmerl (or edit expand_content/4 to
> match the previous version if you prefer that), and you should be ok.
> The following comment in the release notes, made me worried as soon as I
> saw it:
> OTP-6099  Bug in xmerl removed so that simple syntax element content is
> 	      exported correctly.
> How about reading the spec before deciding to "fix" something?
> 	/Richard
> PS. "Do not meddle in the affairs of Wizards, for they are subtle and 
> quick to anger."
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