[erlang-questions] edoc problem in R11B-3

Richard Carlsson richardc@REDACTED
Thu Feb 1 13:03:09 CET 2007

Eric Merritt wrote:
>  I am getting the following error when running edoc.
>  edoc: error in layout 'edoc_layout':
> {'EXIT',{badarg,[{erlang,binary_to_list,[{head,[[10],{title,[[77,111,100|...]]},[10],{link,[{rel,...},{...}|...],[]},[10]]}]},{xmerl_lib,export_text,2},{xmerl_lib,export_text,2},{xmerl,apply_cb,5},{xmerl,export_content,2},{xmerl,export_element,2},{xmerl,export_content,2},{xmerl,export1,3}]}}.
> edoc: error in doclet 'edoc_doclet': {'EXIT',error}.
> edoc seems to always output the above error. It doesn't seem to matter
> what source its run on  or how edoc is called. Is anyone else having a
> similar problem, if so, have you been able to work around it?

The problem is that someone has broken the xmerl_lib:expand_content/4
function, in some misguided attempt to make it accept non-lists as
content, even though the documentation states that content must be flat
lists, and there is even a comment in the code that explains why this
must be so (hint: strings are also lists, and may be deep).

Revert to the previous version of xmerl (or edit expand_content/4 to
match the previous version if you prefer that), and you should be ok.

The following comment in the release notes, made me worried as soon as I
saw it:

OTP-6099  Bug in xmerl removed so that simple syntax element content is
	      exported correctly.

How about reading the spec before deciding to "fix" something?


PS. "Do not meddle in the affairs of Wizards, for they are subtle and 
quick to anger."

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