[erlang-questions] program: wxWidgets for erlang (again)

Bob Cowdery bob@REDACTED
Fri Dec 21 11:47:54 CET 2007


This looks really good. I have quite a large Swing GUI that I would like
to convert. I wonder are there any getting started guides. I did find a
PDF but it was for an earlier version as the API was completely
different. I'm running XP and have it all loaded except I'm clearly
doing something (or many things) wrong. At the moment I can't get as far
showing a frame! If I do something like.

F = wxFrame:new().

It throws an invalid argument exception. I tried various other things
but just got different results. Any help in getting off the ground

The other thing I noticed is that after starting 'erl -smp' it no longer
shuts down cleanly with Ctrl'C' but brings up a debug window.

On Thu, 2007-12-20 at 16:33 +0100, Dan Gudmundsson wrote:
> Hi
> I've made a new beta release: see wxerlang.sf.net
> It requires R12B and wxWidgets-2.8.
> (which is statically linked in the pre-built version for mac and windows)
> Windows is now working, Solaris-10, Mac and Linux is also working!!
> I've added support for xrc and a demo, which is wxwidgets support for 
> gui-builders, are you happy now Mats?
> You still have write some code though, I haven't written an erlang code 
> generator yet :-)
> Hopefully this release is more stable, I haven't added so much new 
> functionality. At least the previous reported bug is fixed (in the 
> emulator).
> Feedback and/or patches are appreciated. I had a hundred downloads of 
> the previous release. So tell me if worked or was complete trash what do 
> you think about the api-mapping.
> /Dan
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