[erlang-questions] program: wxWidgets for erlang (again)

Dan Gudmundsson <>
Thu Dec 20 16:33:50 CET 2007


I've made a new beta release: see wxerlang.sf.net

It requires R12B and wxWidgets-2.8.
(which is statically linked in the pre-built version for mac and windows)

Windows is now working, Solaris-10, Mac and Linux is also working!!

I've added support for xrc and a demo, which is wxwidgets support for 
gui-builders, are you happy now Mats?
You still have write some code though, I haven't written an erlang code 
generator yet :-)

Hopefully this release is more stable, I haven't added so much new 
functionality. At least the previous reported bug is fixed (in the 

Feedback and/or patches are appreciated. I had a hundred downloads of 
the previous release. So tell me if worked or was complete trash what do 
you think about the api-mapping.


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