[erlang-questions] bug in {packet, http} with extra-long headers

Gaspar Chilingarov nm@REDACTED
Tue Nov 28 20:05:13 CET 2006

Hi there!

It seems that socket opened with option {packet, http} have a bug when 
some really huge header comes in.
First portion of Header line is read properly and second half returned 
as {http_error, Text} tuple.

Size of first part is about 1600 symbols.
May be there are limitations in http option implementation in C code, 
which restrict it to 1.5k?

In practice I'm trying to do quite ordinary thing -- send http request 
to ebay.com :) and it stores a lot of info in a cookie (over 2k).

Should I find some place in C code and just fix it to larger number, or 
there is some workaround?

Thanks, Gaspar

Gaspar Chilingarov

System Administrator,
Network security consulting

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