[erlang-questions] yaws session timeout

karol skocik karol.skocik@REDACTED
Wed Nov 29 13:36:56 CET 2006

  I know that's not very polite to ask specific Yaws questions on
Erlang's general mailing list, but I hope somebody could help me with
sessions in Yaws. Sorry for this, I would like to avoid signing to yet
another one mailing-list

I would like to know whether it is possible to extend time to live
(TTL) value of already created session. The reason for this is that
while the user can be inactive in our application for more than 30
minutes, other ajax requests are served simultaneously on the
background, showing some monitorings to user. But since this is not
meant as user interaction, session expires and user has to log in

I know there is a function yaws_api:replace_cookie_session(Cookie,
NewOpaque), but I don't know how to pass the TTL information this way.
Is there some simple solution help me out?

Thank you,

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