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Thu Nov 2 09:41:10 CET 2006

On Nov 2, 2006, at 3:14 PM, Roberto Saccon wrote:

> I tried to integrate erlyweb into the webapp I am building, and I am
> facing currently the following problems:
> erlyweb:compile(AppRoot, Options) compiles everything in the
> src-directory, but ignores the {i, MyIncludeDir} option I try to set.
> And I have many modules with a JSON entrypoint and so far I compiled
> them automatically with eclipse erlide (on file save), and I would
> like to keep that. Wouldn't it make sense that erlyweb:compile just
> compiles those files created with erlyweb ?

It is very important that erlyweb allow static HTML and yaws code to  
co-exist (both in the same yaws docroot and in the same ebin and src  
directories).  Perhaps the current compile utils are overly  
I hope any current limitations will get addressed quickly as this  
would greatly hinder my usage.
Its ok that erlyweb doesn't do everything in its early releases, but  
it does need to ensure users can code around limitations.

> erlyweb seems currently to be tied to SQL databases (I hope I am
> wrong). I have a fast clustered cache (still in early development) and
> a slow BerkleyDB-like persistent storage (Amazon S3) and I need figure
> out how to make an erlydb version for such needs. Any thoughts on that
> ? What is the roadmap for erlydb ?

Don't want to speak too much for Yariv, but ;-) its my understanding  
erlyweb is fairly well decoupled from the models it uses (or at least  
intended to be).  This also means the models you use can use whatever  
data retrieval solutions you like.
ke han

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