[erlang-questions] ErlyWeb

Yariv Sadan yarivvv@REDACTED
Thu Nov 2 14:12:58 CET 2006

> It is very important that erlyweb allow static HTML and yaws code to
> co-exist (both in the same yaws docroot and in the same ebin and src
> directories).  Perhaps the current compile utils are overly
> presumptuous?
> I hope any current limitations will get addressed quickly as this
> would greatly hinder my usage.
> Its ok that erlyweb doesn't do everything in its early releases, but
> it does need to ensure users can code around limitations.

The current compile utility ignores anything that doesn't have the
'erl' or 'et' extensions. In addition, it only treats .erl files in
/src/components as (ErlyDB) models or controllers. Any .erl file you
have in /src will just be compiled regularly, and .yaws and .html
files are ignored. When I tested it, .html and .yaws both worked --
just put them in /www.

> Don't want to speak too much for Yariv, but ;-) its my understanding
> erlyweb is fairly well decoupled from the models it uses (or at least
> intended to be).  This also means the models you use can use whatever
> data retrieval solutions you like.
> ke han

That's true. Just keep all .erl files that don't end with _view or
_controller outside of src/components, and then you won't even have to
call erlydb:start :)


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