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Fri May 5 17:24:51 CEST 2006

Please forgive me for the misunderstanding I  caused by the way I  
stated my questions.  The information I am looking for is based on  
the following.

The  packet sniffer program is a class project normally done in Java.
	Java is taught at the college ... several Java books are on the  
shelf ...etc   I have watched  several Java instructors take a while  
to complete this project in a timely manner.
   I have been looking at Erlang since this  past month
   Erlang has been successfully  loaded on Solaris x86 and sparc ,  
Mac os x, linux, and windows.  I am also using the livecd
  The Question about current OS support my fault
  I am currently following the OTP tutorial material
I have permission from  the professor to use Erlang instead of Java.
  I want to be sure there there will be enough resources to finish  
the journey and possibly recommend the program be offered as course  
of instruction.
  I wanted to know that since there a currently no books on the shelf  
if Lisp would help in the learning process
  I have also noticed that several companies that started projects in  
Erlang self taught from the  ACM presentations like  Sendmail  
mentioned needing to  hire a trainer to help solve some issues in  
there project
That it is good practice to use OTP methods which superseded the  
methods in the original Erlang book.


On May 4, 2006, at 8:34 AM, Matthias Lang wrote:

> arthur ingram writes:
>> I am new to erlang would like a good learning process ...of how write
>> network programs like parsing ip packets... I noticed several
>> tutorials ...
> You've asked your question four times now, in varying forms. The
> answers you've received were good. They pointed you in the right
> direction. The way forward now is more reading, more thinking, some
> doing and, once you've done that, perhaps more questions.
> Here's a top-secret page with links to Erlang documentation:
>> Going forward  will support for different platforms continue
>> to grow ... Opensolaris  including sparc , BSDs, Mac OS X, .....
> According to both the README file at the top of the source tree and
> the Erlang FAQ, erlang already works just fine on solaris sparc, BSDs
> and Mac OS X.
> Matthias

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