any recommendation for tutorials on functional programming

Stefan Axelsson L (LN/EAB) stefan.l.axelsson@REDACTED
Wed Jun 21 17:31:17 CEST 2006

> Anybody knows some good tutorial on functional programmming languages
(and if specific to erlang, even better).
> I went throught what I found at the erlang website and  some stuff I
found with google, but I did not find 
> anything with examples of problems (a bit more complex than just a
foor loop) solved in procedural and 
> functional language.

Well there's a ton out there, but unfortunately most of it is not geared
towards Erlang. The classical "introductory" text, "The Structure and
Interpretation of Computer Programs" is available on-line (at: It uses Scheme
for its examples, and as that's a strict language and you don't really
have to know/learn it to work the book, it's a closer match to Erlang's
way of going about business than say the Haskell material. It comes
highly recommended and you could do a lot worse for a more in depth
introduction to functional programming.

When it comes Erlang the problem is the concurrent stuff, that is unique
to Erlang (well not entirely, but you get my drift) and not well covered
from an introductory perspective. There are bits and pieces here and
there (e.g. on Joe Armstrong's homepage) but no comprehensive collection
that I know of.

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