any recommendation for tutorials on functional programming

Joe Armstrong (AL/EAB) joe.armstrong@REDACTED
Wed Jun 21 17:25:42 CEST 2006

Start by reading this.

Print it out and read it in the bath or on an omnibus.

Better still read it in the bath, then leave you copy on an omnibus
for somebody else to pick up and enjoy.

To find this and other documents go to

Click on the the first link

Then on any of the links in the sidebar in the category "Erlang
PDF manuals can be found here 

Once you have read "getting started" proceed to

Or part one of the Erlang book is at

Still a good read :-)



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> Subject: any recommendation for tutorials on functional programming
> I am new to erlang and never before used a functional 
> programmming language. I am used to switch between Java, 
> Ruby, Javascript and C++ and I expected it to be similar with 
> Erlang, but it is very different ...
> Anybody knows some good tutorial on functional programmming 
> languages (and if specific to erlang, even better). I went 
> throught what I found at the erlang website and  some stuff I 
> found with google, but I did not find anything with examples 
> of problems (a bit more complex than just a foor loop) solved 
> in procedural and functional language.
> regards
> --
> Roberto Saccon

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